We are a Texas based company that has been hustling since 2015 to bring you customized aprons that are incredibly durable and the perfect work gear for the busy times behind the bar. 

LUCIO TAILORING CO. was born out of those nights where you go home with bitters and syrups all over your clothes after a shift at the bar. 


We believe that having the right working tools can optimize anybody’s performance. The right apron will change the way you feel, the way your back feels and you’ll go home with clean clothes.. When you put on your custom apron, it is time to take on any task and pull it off like a boss! 

Our Founder



My name is Maria Galvan. I was born in Mexico and raised in Texas. Always creative, always a perfectionist (I’m working on it), always an entrepreneur. I first started getting to know the magic of cocktails when I was living in SF and quickly realized that I wanted to be part of that world. Soon enough, I found myself behind the bar making cocktails for my friends. I LOVED it! What I didn’t like was coming home with stains and sticky clothes. 


I fell in love with the elegance behind a well-crafted cocktail, a beautifully designed bar and the sense of timelessness that happens when you are sipping on the most delicious spirits. I wanted to create an apron that represented just that. An apron that was timeless, elegant, easy to clean and attractive. It all started out by making a leather apron for a friend and quickly turned into my life project. I made every single leather apron for the first year while freelancing and working at a bar.