Do you like going to the gym but feel disappointed that you are not getting the best results? Here are 5 tips that will help you make a difference and improve your training sessions: 


It is not too much to say that if you want to see better results when we have an aesthetic objective in which we focus mainly on gaining muscle mass or losing fat, it is very important that our diet is the right one.

To find the right balance, it is recommended to consult a nutritionist to provide the necessary amount of food for your body. You can add some supplements to your diet like Nutrishake, a protein powder, perfect for pre or post-workout, as it provides energy, 18 grams of protein per scoop, and gives you a fulfilling sensation. 

Now, if you want to give that extra effort, try our Power Boost as you can use it as a pre-workout drink. It contains L-Arginin, this ingredient provides energy, reduces oxidative damage and helps to improve your performance during training. 


The first step is to master the exercise technique and perform it effectively, even with low or without weights. Then you can apply the variables, like doing a deeper squat, going lower in a lunge, etc. 

Do not get frustrated! This process takes time and perseverance and it is very important to maintain the line.


You should avoid eating large amounts of sugars and carbohydrates before your workout, as these affect your athletic performance. It is better to eat healthy fats and protein foods for a better energy source. Although it depends a lot on the physical activity you practice and the goals you’ve set.

Wait at least 30 minutes to eat your meal after a workout. A fruit after training could help restore the lost glycogen.


This is one of the most important things to do before any kind of exercise. It protects us from injuries and helps the training be much more effective as it allows us to progress faster in it. Make sure you do a quick warm-up for at least 15 minutes. Not only does it raise your body temperature but also works your mobility and increases your range of motion. 


This is a slow process, but if you are disciplined you will see results sooner than you expect. Remember that achieving your goals takes a lot of perseverance and hard work, but don’t forget to enjoy the process. So grab your headphones, choose your favorite playlist and train hard!

See you soon!

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